Cinematic Story Telling - Epic Results

Cinematic Story Telling - Epic Results

Emotional Impact = Increased Funding

How do our nonprofit clients such as The Legal Aid Foundation (LAFLA) rise above the noise, get the word out about their service, and despite public funding cuts successfully fundraise to keep Jack, a homeless veteran, off the streets, protect Erika’s children from their abusive father, and help Fadumo a torture survivor from Somalia become a citizen and vote for the first time in her life?

Through the use of the world’s most powerful tool of influence: story—which is Art Simon Productions’ speciality.

Emotional Impact

LAFLA: Aiding Legal Aid

Dedicated to helping the poor, LAFLA serves more than 50,000 clients every year. But even as the need for their services became overwhelming, they were having difficulty meeting their own needs. Staff urgently had to raise awareness and engage prospective donors—but faced resistance beyond LAFLA’s dedicated donor base.

Even with LAFLA’s excellent track record and proven results, expanding and reaching new audiences to raise money remained a challenge—until they contacted us.

"Art Simon, you are a genius, and our salvation!"

Kathleen Sheldon
Director of Development
Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

Facts Alone Fail to Inspire

So many worthy groups compete for the same money, resulting in most communications efforts getting lost in the noise. PowerPoints, mailers and speeches are not enough to help you break through to move your audience—and excite them to open their hearts and their wallets.

Facts Alone Fail to Inspire

Story-Driven Success

Feelings motivate most of our decisions. Move your listener’s hearts, and the support will follow. But how do you reach the heart—the most heavily guarded part of us?

Through compelling stories told with absolute integrity!

Stories reach places that flow charts cannot, and gain privileged access to the backdoor of your listeners’ hearts.

"Huge success!"

Samantha Wagar
Children of Armenia Fund

"The video was enormously effective and powerful. It took hold of the room, quieted it, and brought tears to many eyes."

Stephen R. English
President of the Board

The Art Simon Productions Solution

Nonprofits like LAFLA come back to us year after year because we unite film and storytelling into a powerful tool, helping them raise millions of dollars, get the word out about their services— and make this world a better place.

Partner with us. Together, we’ll harness the power of your story to help accomplish your mission—by reaching deep into your audience’s hearts.

"The film—I can’t say enough about it and heard nothing but high praise from everyone Saturday evening. There were very few dry eyes in the house."

Leslie Newquist
Executive Director
Armenian EyeCare Project

The Art Simon Productions Solution