Cinematic Story Telling - Epic Results

Cinematic Story Telling - Epic Results

Dramatic Business Success

Want to know the secret we use to transform our corporate clients’ problems into profits? Whether they need to turn their business around, beat the competition or motivate their team, our method is as proven as it is personalized to each endeavor. Our cinematic storytelling isn’t show business, it’s good business.

"You're fantastic! One of the executives from Walmart who saw the video said it 'is the best testimonial video ever on the brand' and called it a 'game changer.'"

Christine Aghassi
Senior V.P.
Dolphin Group

Our secret goes beyond video production. It’s how we’ve helped many businesses meet their targets. Take Antigenics, for instance.


Antigenics: Helping a Client Save Lives

Now known as Agenus, the biotech company developed a breakthrough cancer vaccine—only to meet constant resistance in the global marketplace.

The company needed to tell the story of their breakthrough vaccine in a way that crossed linguistic, cultural and bureaucratic barriers.

So Agenus called Art Simon Productions. We documented the story of Stephen, a cancer survivor who, with the help of the new cancer vaccine, lived to get to know his newborn daughter instead of having to record a video message for her.

Our own video bolstered the company’s statistics on the vaccine, turning adversaries into believers. And many cancer patients—including Stephen—are living longer, happier lives as a result.

"The end product surpasses my highest expectation."

Richard L. Harris
Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union

We've told you our secret, now let us show you how it works. Call Art Simon Productions. We'll use the power of cinema to spread your story-and help you surpass all market forecasts.