Cinematic Story Telling - Epic Results

Cinematic Story Telling - Epic Results


"The feedback from Walmart has been outstanding. Comments have ranged from 'beautiful' to 'tears in my eyes.'"

Christine Aghassi
Senior V.P.
Dolphin Group

"Simply amazing once again. So many kudos came our way last night on the film. Those kudos continue this morning. We couldn't do without you!"

Jaime A. Regalado, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Pat Brown Institute

"You are the embodiment of the can-do spirit. ... Commitment produces results."

James R. Galbraith
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

"Be still my beating heart. Your film never fails to bring a tear to everyone's eye...even mine, and I have seen it more than a hundred times!"

Roger Ohanessian M.D.
Armenian EyeCare Project

"Just showed the video to the chair and executive director for the Fund for LA Public Schools, and they were oooing and aaaahing about how well it was done and how clear the message was."

Catherine Suitor
Chief Development Officer
Alliance College Ready Public Schools

"How was it received!? With sighs and applause at the end. The parents were teary-eyed. It is to date the most concise and compelling piece of testimony we have making the case for the honors College"

Kyle C. Button
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
California State University, Los Angeles

"That is absolutely beautiful. I've never seen anything that comes close. Simply brilliant!"

Judy Wollen
Wollen Consulting

"Genius! It really is fabulous!"

Leslie Newquist
Executive Director
Armenian EyeCare Project

"Simply magnificent. What more can I say?"

Stephen R. English
Advancement Project

"The video gives an excellent representation of the program. We show it to students and parents as they enter the University Preparatory Program. We use it to recruit students. We have also made it available to our funding agency program officers so they can use it to justify the granting of funds to UPP."

Dr. William Taylor
UPP Program Director

"Another home run. The video was a huge hit at the board meeting, and they are heavy hitters. You always go above and beyond. Really good job on a really tight turnaround."

Glenn Gritzner
Managing Director
Mercury Public Affairs LLC

"Working with you on the gala is the highlight of my year. You make it easy to be successful. You are the BEST!!!!"

Randi Moore
Executive Director
CSULA Alumni Association

"Art Simon can make the ordinary extraordinary. His approach is creative, visual and collaborative. He's the kind of talent you want to work with when you need to come up with an end result that is highly creative, informative and memorable."

Toni Miller
Director of Special Events

"Your generous giving of your time and resources demonstrates a collegial spirit that enhances not only the broadcast program, but also the campus community at large."

John Ramirez
Faculty Director / Department Chair
PALS Mentoring Program

"Can't express in word how wonderful the new BLAST video is. I love the integration of LAUSD, the mayor and LMU. Brilliant."

Anthony Kim
Blended learning consultant
Education Elements

"Can't thank you enough for the artful magnificence, and for all this will do for the Honors College."

Michelle Hawley
Director of the Honors College
California State University, Los Angeles

"It's rare when a big-name artist like Milton Berle and others take the time to pull the producer aside with praise for the production crew. I'm proud to say that I had this pleasure several times after our show."

Blake Lindquist
Event Producer
Milton Berle

"Your work makes us look good."

Ali Modarres, Ph.D.
Associate Director
Pat Brown Institute

"It's a wonderful honor to have someone of Art's talents working with us to make such a descriptive documentary. That is fantastic!"

Marilyn Beck
Board of Directors