Cinematic Story Telling - Epic Results

Cinematic Story Telling - Epic Results

The Art Simon Production Process: On Time, On Budget

We take your project from concept to completion, working with you to assure all your questions are answered and all your objectives are met. Filmmaking requires extensive collaboration between you, the client, and our team at Art Simon Productions. We guide you through each step to keep the drama on screen and not in the process.

“They don’t need scripting. Art is a natural at pulling quotes from unscripted souls.”

Jaime A. Regalado, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Pat Brown Institute

Four Stages to Tell Your Compelling Story

Whether you need to increase awareness or raise funding for your cause or product, the steps for capturing your story and producing a compelling video have the same stages—preproduction, production, postproduction and distribution.

Since we have an in-house crew, our own gear and postproduction facility, we don’t farm out any aspect of the process. This allows us to be more flexible and competitive in meeting your goals and your budget.
“All of your work is absolutely fabulous. Great camera angles, editing, music, graphics—it was all terrific!”

Leslie Newquist
Executive Director
Armenian Eye Care Project


This is the critical research phase. We don’t shoot a frame of video until we fully understand your organization, your needs, goals and target audience—and how best to tell your story. In this stage, we also outline the story, cast the real characters, identify filming locations and create the schedule. The more time spent in this phase, the better the ultimate results.


During this stage, we film the interview subjects (A-roll)—with your help in gaining access to both the people and locations—as well as the supporting visuals (B-roll). We typically shoot many hours of footage, even for short documentary films. That’s because it takes time and patience to build trust and draw out the stories that will tug the heartstrings and inspire action in your audience.


This is where the magic happens. In documentary filmmaking, the story is revealed in the editing process. This is when we develop the story from all of the material previously gathered. We find the jewels, compare them and narrow them down to the most powerful pieces that will have the most emotional punch and maximum impact. Then we polish and orchestrate those jewels into the perfect visual narrative to compel your audience’s minds by touching their hearts.


Once your film is completed, we provide all necessary formats you need to reach your audience. Typically, our films are shown on theater-style projection screens for live audiences, followed up by Internet and/or DVD distribution. Television distribution is also an option.

Whatever distribution strategy you choose, we’ll assist and guide you at every stage to make your audience give, turn adversaries into believers, and believers into advocates. Our videos accomplish epic results for your bottom line.